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"More than a story, Ben has a truly unique and inspiring perspective on life"
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From pursuing his dream of becoming a professional athlete, traveling for international competitions worldwide to overcoming a life threatening injury.


At the age of 23 years old Ben suffered a double fracture in his neck leaving him with a complete cervical spinal cord injury. Starting back to zero hasn’t stopped Ben from overcoming expectations in his healing journey and is now back to producing videos.


This time he ticks off his goals with a whole new outlook on life appreciating every little aspect we often take for granted. Ben still travels around the world for extreme sports events navigating through this unaccessible world from a wheelchair. His disabilities might have slowed him down for now but its definitely not stopped him from chasing his goals.

More than a story, Ben has a unique and inspiring perspective on life, that he likes to share with those who want to hear it. Fill in the following form to contact Ben and book a speech or conference.

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