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After years of living his dream as a professional wakeboarder, Ben suffered a spinal cord injury leading to a complete paralysis of his body. Going back to zero isn’t an understatement when you wake up breathing from a ventilator. The doctors said there was no chance of recuperating functions due to the severity of his injury but Ben keeps proving them wrong to this day.

Foule de la conférence

motivational speech/conferences

From professional athlete to spinal cord injury survivor,

Ben continues to pursue his dreams without holding back! Starting back to zero hasn’t stopped Ben from overcoming expectations in his healing journey nor his professional career. This time he ticks off his goals with a whole new outlook on life appreciating every little aspect we often take for granted. His

new perspective on life inspires many people and is relatable

to all groups of ages.


All inquires are accepted worldwide so feel free to contact us for more informations.

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ben's recovery

Every donation you make goes directly into Ben’s rehabilitation expenses. Physical therapy, strength training and various exercise equipments to continue pushing Ben in his recovery. Everyday is a fight to gain more movement and autonomy but thanks to your support, the dream is still alive!

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