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Your angle of approach might be underestimated sometimes, but innovation usually comes with overcoming expectations.



ben's recovery

Every donation you make goes directly into Ben’s rehabilitation expenses. Physical therapy, strength training and various exercise equipments to continue pushing Ben in his recovery. Everyday is a fight to gain more movement and autonomy but thanks to your support, the dream is still alive!


Benjamin Leclair, Canadian professional wakeboarder, suffered in November 2016, from a spinal cord injury, leaving him in a tetraplegic state. 

Every day is a fight he is not willing to let go, and for that he needs funds to be able to offer treatments. 

By purchasing Bensquad goodies, you directly help Ben on his way to recovery! Go check out the full story

Foule de la conférence

From professional athlete to spinal cord injury fighter, Ben has lived his life pursuing his dreams, never letting go! Starting back to zero hasn’t stopped Ben from overcoming expectations in his healing journey and is now back to producing videos. This time he ticks off his goals with a whole new outlook on life appreciating every little aspect we often take for granted. That's his new perspective on life he likes to share with others.

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